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    Commercial Building Inspection

    Commercial building inspections can provide a true picture of a property’s state and the hidden costs involved in its maintenance. Unlike residential inspections, commercial building inspections are more comprehensive. Hiring a commercial inspection company is a good idea. Since they not only specialise in commercial properties but also understand how significant commercial properties are to a business, both financially and otherwise.

    An experienced building inspector may work alone or with a team of inspectors to conduct commercial inspections. A typical team of inspectors ranges from 2 to 5 inspectors for various areas in the building. A senior building inspector will always lead the team that includes specialists such as a Structural Engineer, an HVAC professional, ADA expert, and other required specialists. They will look at the property’s design, find broken systems or improper maintenance, outdated equipment, Unskilled workmanship, and other violations.



    Before buying commercial property, not only must you do your research, but you must also consider the costs and benefits of the purchase. Real estate investors, insurance providers, loan providers, and Commercial Mortgage-backed Security (CMBS) providers always conduct property condition assessments (PCAs) before investing.

    Basic commercial inspection services include inspecting properties on-site by walking around them to assess their physical condition. During this assessment, experts examine the building’s critical components and systems, including HVAC, mechanical and electrical systems, interior and exterior elements, roofing, basement, and foundation. Following the assessment, estimates will be provided. A commercial inspection service may also ask for and investigate documents and paperwork of the property. Among the documents relevant to the investigation are rental contracts, lease agreements, fire safety certificates, service agreements, repairs, and maintenance records. Our commercial inspectors perform inspections following the International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Properties (ComSOP) – a system and process recognized throughout the industry.


    Return on investment (ROI) and residual value are crucial factors in commercial real estate acquisitions. During an inspection, you can find out how long the building’s five major systems will last, including its roof, building structure, electrical system, plumbing, and HVAC. Any real estate investment is never a small one. Although buying real estate has many benefits, it still involves significant amounts of money. 

    Your investment can be better protected by initial and annual commercial inspections. In the absence of early detection, problems with a building can escalate to a great extent. A problem will become more expensive to fix the longer it is allowed to grow. Make sure you inspect your property thoroughly before you buy. It can be helpful for the owner to know what repairs are necessary, while they are still within the budget. Get your commercial property inspection completed with our professional inspectors now and save money.


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