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Mold Inspection Riverview, Wesley Chapel, Tampa & Surrounding Areas

If your house has been through recent water damage or has damp walls, there may be a mold infestation in your house. Molds are extremely dangerous to your health. They can cause a lot of problems such as; throat irritation, nasal stuffiness, coughing, wheezing, and eye irritation. Mold exposure can also cause high sensitivity and skin irritation in some cases. To avoid these circumstances, it is advisable to get a mold inspection.

At Paramount Home Inspectors, we offer mold inspection in Riverview, Wesley Chapel, Tampa, and the surrounding areas. We understand how dangerous mold infestation can be. Mold inspection helps homebuyers and homeowners in making an informed decision. Our certified home inspectors are well educated on the subject. They have served hundreds of homeowners in detecting mold in their homes. If your current house has recently gone through water damage, has a leaking roof, or plumbing issues, you should hire our professional mold inspection services.


If your Tampa home or office is infected with mold, you should urgently get mold remediation and removal. While most of the molds are non-toxic, they can still be extremely hazardous to health. Molds spread spores in the air, and when these spores settle down on damp surfaces, they start growing. Mold remediation and removal is not a difficult task, but the person removing the mold must take care that the spores don’t spread in the air. All it takes is scrubbing the wall with a mixture of water and bleach to kill the mold. At Paramount Home Inspectors, we offer remediation and removal services along with mold inspection in Tampa. Book an inspection today!

Why do you need Mold Testing?

During an air quality test, it is determined if hidden mold exists in the house. As mold spores float in the air, they search for a favorable environment to grow. Mold can grow on moist surfaces. The mold typically develops in dark, moist places, slowly spreading over time. The primary reason for getting mold testing is that it can cause serious health issues. It is important to have mold inspections done because certain types of mold can pose health risks to you and your family. It is highly recommended to hire a professional mold inspector, even though you can buy and use at-home mold kits.
At Paramount Home Inspectors, we offer professional mold removal and remediation services. We have been dealing with molds and spores for a long time. Hire our services today and get rid of all the spores in your home.

Common Types of Mold That Can Be in Your Home

It doesn’t matter what type of mold it is, it releases spores and spreads. As soon as these spores land on a moist surface, they start growing. Molds spread fast, and if left unattended, they may cause a lot of health issues to the residents of the house. Molds grow in many colors. While most of the molds are non-toxic, some can be toxic as well. And no matter the type of mold, it will cause serious health damage and respiratory problems. Some of the most common types of molds that grow in residential and commercial properties are







The Mold Remediation Process

Mold removal is not a difficult job. It can surely qualify as one of your DIY projects, provided that you have the required equipment. The mold remediation process includes scrubbing the wall with a solution of water and bleach in the correct ratio. The scrubbing process needs to be thorough so that the bleach can penetrate through the surface. Once the scrubbing is done, let the solution dry on the wall and do not rinse it off. If the wall can be exposed to sunlight, it will surely kill all the mold and mold spores. In case the sunlight cannot reach the desired spot, you can dry it using any means you have.

At Paramount Home Inspectors, we offer professional mold removal and remediation services. We have been dealing with molds and spores for a long time. Hire our services today and get rid of all the spores in your home.

Why Choose Certified Mold Assessments?

Mold detection is easy. If you have been through a recent plumbing issue or water damage, there are chances of mold inspection in your home. If mold starts growing in your residential or commercial property, you will start experiencing strange smells coming from the corners. If the mold spreads too much, the growth will be visible. It may not look like it, but getting certified mold assessments will reveal way more than you can imagine. Having a professional mold inspector conduct a mold inspection and testing will reveal all the areas that are infected with mold growth, as well as the areas that have high chances of mold infestation.

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